Bitcoin is a tool against oppression

For Peter McCormack, Bitcoin has become a tool of the world’s citizens against government oppression.

The usefulness of Bitcoin and crypto-currencies has long been discussed worldwide. The debate usually focuses on the qualities of cryptoactives as economic and financial instruments. However, cryptoworld can also play a role as a tool to fight against authoritarian governments. As Peter McCormack comments in today’s Tweet, where he claims that Bitcoin Revolution is a tool against oppression:

Tell that to people in Nigeria and Belarus who are using #Bitcoin to survive while protesting against oppressive regimes.

You are full of Schiff!
– Peter McCormack (@PeterMcCormack) January 14, 2021

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A tool against authoritarianism

Democracy is in crisis, and that is a reality that touches absolutely all of us, no matter what country we are in. Whether it is with spectacular events like the attack on the Capitol in the United States, or more subtle moves by authoritarian governments to undermine democratic institutions. It is clear that this is a complicated time for liberal democracy.

In this context, it is hard to imagine what role Bitcoin and cryptomonies can play. After all, BTC has usually been presented as a challenge against fiat money, and not exactly as a tool to fight for democracy.

However, this view can be misleading. For, at the end of the day, the decentralized nature of cryptomonies makes them fertile ground for use in the fight against authoritarian governments.

Because, the Blockchain technology places cryptoactives in a terrain impossible to manipulate by any government. This is why Bitcoin has become a tool against oppression in countries like Belarus, as Peter McCormack commented through his Twitter account.

“Tell that to the people in Nigeria and Belarus who use Bitcoin to survive while protesting oppressive regimes.

Thus, in the face of attempts by authoritarian governments around the world to subjugate the citizenry. People are using Bitcoin not only as a means to save, but as a tool for survival. Thanks to Bitcoin, activists around the world are confronting oppression, using Blockchain technology, in places as diverse as Nigeria, Belarus, and even Venezuela.