Earn Bitcoin while Playing Bitcoin Chess and Scratch Games!

• ZEBEDEE and VIKER have launched two new Bitcoin-powered games: Bitcoin Chess (iOS and Android) and Bitcoin Scratch (iOS and Android).
• Players receive a revenue share from the game, meaning VIKER splits what they’re earning from the game with the player.
• ZEBEDEE’s platform allows players to set up an account and withdraw Bitcoin easily.

ZEBEDEE & VIKER Launch Two New Bitcoin Games

ZEBEDEE, a bitcoin-powered payment processing system for the gaming industry, and VIKER, a mobile games studio pioneering in the play-to-earn space, have announced the launch of two additional games in their repertoire of Bitcoin titles. The two new titles are Bitcoin Chess (available on iOS and Android) and Bitcoin Scratch (available on iOS and Android).

How to Earn From Playing These Games

Players receive a revenue share from these games which means that VIKER will split what they earn with the player. This provides an engaging experience for players which leads to better retention rates as well as making these games more profitable even after giving out rewards. Players can earn a few cents per session by playing these bitcoin powered games.

Why is ZEBEDEE Being Used?

Dan Beasley, co-founder of VIKER states that it isn’t about players earning money but rather creating an interesting experience for them. By playing chess or other activities with bitcoin rewards it incentivizes people to play much more than if there were no rewards being given out. Ben Cousens, Chief Strategy Officer at ZEBEDEE explains that their platform allows users to set up an account quickly without having to be heavily invested in crypto in order to do so.

What’s Next For These Companies?

The two firms are already working on their next project which will be even more impactful as they plan on adding a well known franchise into their portfolio. This promises to be another great step forward for both companies as they continue to innovate within this space.


By introducing new mechanics such as rewarding players with bitcoin when they play certain activities, both ZEBEDEE & VIKER are able to create unique experiences that can appeal not only to those who are already involved in cryptocurrencies but also those who aren’t yet familiar with them but want something different when it comes to gaming experiences


Julia’s Journey: A Story of High Investment and Low Time Preference

• Julia is originally from Germany and moved to Portugal in her late teens.
• She now runs a homestead that feeds her family and is part of the local Bitcoin meetup.
• Julia’s Bitcoin and homesteading experiences show that both require high upfront investment and low time preference.

Julia is a German expatriate who moved to Southern Portugal in her late teens. She was drawn in by the opportunity to travel, and the full-time job she found made her decide to stay put. Now, Julia runs a homestead that feeds her family and is part of the local Bitcoin meetup. Through both of these experiences, Julia recognizes the need for high upfront investment and low time preference.

Julia’s journey to Portugal was a spontaneous one. She was only 19 when she first set foot on Portuguese terrain and was looking for a job. She found one that would last for three months, but then got offered a full-time position and decided to settle down in Portugal. Her parents and brothers followed shortly after. She has gone back to Germany a few times since then, but has made her life in Portugal since.

Julia has since built a homestead that feeds her family. She has put in an immense amount of work in order to make it a reality. Not only does it require a lot of physical labor, but it also requires high upfront investment, as well as a low time preference in order for the farm to be successful.

In addition to her homestead, Julia is also involved with the local Bitcoin meetup. She is passionate about the cryptocurrency and believes it is the future of money. She sees a lot of parallels between Bitcoin and homesteading. Both require high upfront investment and low time preference in order to be successful.

Julia is an example of how a strong commitment to one’s goals can lead to success. She has put in the hard work and dedication to build a homestead and be a part of a local Bitcoin community. Her story is one of determination and perseverance, and serves as an inspiration to others.


Samson Mow Launches JAN3 to Accelerate Bitcoin’s Path to Global Adoption

• Samson Mow, the former CSO of Blockstream, announced his new company JAN3 dedicated to promoting the adoption of Bitcoin as a global currency known as hyperbitcoinization.
• He was inspired by President Bukele’s decision to create Bitcoin City in El Salvador and legally recognize bitcoin as tender.
• His goal is to accelerate the timeline for bitcoin to become a recognized currency on a national level.

Samson Mow, the former CSO of Blockstream, recently announced his new company, JAN3, which is dedicated to promoting the adoption of Bitcoin as a global currency known as hyperbitcoinization.

This decision was inspired by President Bukele’s bold step in El Salvador, creating Bitcoin City and legally recognizing bitcoin as tender. This news spread quickly around the world, with Bitcoiners everywhere requesting Mow’s assistance in implementing Bitcoin projects in their local communities or with their governments.

The enthusiasm for Bitcoin was greatly bolstered by the opportunities that President Bukele’s decision opened up. Mow had been considering the idea of promoting the adoption of Bitcoin by nation states for some time, and the developments in El Salvador proved to be the catalyst he needed to make the jump. His goal is to accelerate the timeline for bitcoin to become a recognized currency on a national level.

To this end, Mow is working to actively engage with government representatives and other stakeholders to create a regulatory framework for the acceptance and use of Bitcoin. He is also looking to partner with other organizations to build out the infrastructure needed to make Bitcoin a viable payment option.

Ultimately, Mow hopes that his efforts will help to create a more equitable global financial system. By making Bitcoin more accessible to people around the world, he hopes to provide more opportunities for economic mobility and financial inclusion. With the continued advancement of Bitcoin, Mow believes that we can move closer to a world where everyone has access to the financial system and can take control of their own financial destiny.


2023: Year of Opportunity for Bitcoin Amid Regulatory Challenges

• 2023 will be an important year for Bitcoin with an impending battle over the Financial Action Task Force’s Travel Rule.
• Countries are rapidly moving towards a cashless society and many are looking into the possibility of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).
• With governments likely forcing people into CBDCs in countries with large welfare states, Bitcoin could be seen as a viable alternative to this system.

As the 2022 chapter closes, it is time to turn our attention to what the coming year has in store for the world of Bitcoin. 2023 is sure to be an important year for the cryptocurrency with many challenges, but also many opportunities.

First and foremost, we are likely to see a battle over the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) Travel Rule. This rule requires exchanges and other Bitcoin service providers to document and share an ever-increasing amount of information about customer transactions. This is sure to be met with some resistance from Bitcoin supporters, as well as from politicians such as Elizabeth Warren who have publicly expressed their opposition to the digital asset. However, it is important to remember that governments were initially resistant to voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technologies such as Skype and other similar services, but they have since adopted and embraced them. Therefore, it is likely that Bitcoin will eventually follow a similar path as it gains more widespread acceptance.

Additionally, 2023 is likely to be the year where the war on cash accelerates. More and more countries are taking high-denomination cash notes out of circulation, or banning physical cash transactions above a certain threshold. This is sure to lead to an increasing number of countries exploring the possibility of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). While there may be some progress in terms of trials and rhetoric, it is unlikely that any major rollouts of CBDCs will be seen in 2023. However, it is important to note that in countries with large welfare states, governments could force people into using CBDCs. This could present an opportunity for Bitcoin as an alternative to this system.

In conclusion, 2023 is sure to be an important year for the world of Bitcoin. With FATF’s Travel Rule, the war on cash, and governments potentially forcing people into using CBDCs, there is sure to be a battle to come. However, there are also many opportunities for Bitcoin to gain more widespread acceptance, and become a viable alternative to the current systems.


Die Grizzlies und Clippers

Die Grizzlies und Clippers trafen sich letztes Jahr in den Playoffs und Bet365 sie sind bereit, diesen Mittwoch um 22:30 Uhr ET im Staples Center für den Saisonauftakt der NBA 2012/13 erneut zu spielen.

Los Angeles hat Memphis in der ersten Runde der Playoffs ausgeschaltet, und es könnte am Mittwoch hässlich werden, Mybet obwohl dies nur das erste Spiel eines langen Jahres ist.

“Wir sind mit niemandem da oben”, sagte Blake Griffin von Clippers. “Wir können mit jedem spielen. Mit unserem Talent und unserer Tiefe können wir mit jedem, der es ist, Schritt halten. ”

“Unsere Erwartungen 10bet sind auch hoch”, sagte Grizzlies Zach Randolph. “Wir wollen nur ein Spiel nach dem anderen spielen. Wir wollen nicht darüber reden und tun. Wir wollen es ein Spiel nach dem anderen nehmen. Ich denke, wir machen das und schauen nicht zu weit nach vorne, machen Schritte, lass es zu uns kommen, wir werden in Ordnung sein. ”

Die Clippers sind vier Punkte Favoriten in den NBA-Quoten, und es hat mit ihren Spielern Chris Paul, Griffin, und ihre Tiefe des Roster zu tun.

“Wir könnten fünf Jungs von unserer Bank holen, die Starter sein könnten”, sagte er. “Das sieht man bei den Mannschaften, die vorankommen und tief in die Playoffs gehen – ihre Bank ist normalerweise tief. Nicht jede Nacht wird Blake 29 Punkte holen können. Die Bank ist etwas, auf das Sie sich für die lange Saison verlassen können “.

Betrachten Sie Memphis ist 18-8 als Underdog, und die LA Clippers sind 9-4 unter vs Memphis; Das Spiel hat 187 Punkte.

Die New York Yankees kündigten kürzlich an, dass wetten.com sie die Nummern von drei legendären Pinstripern aufgeben würden: Werfer Andy Pettitte (Nr. 46), Mittelfeldspieler Bernie Williams (Nr. 51) und Fänger Jorge Posada (Nr. 20).

Das Trio wird die 18., 19. und 20. Yankees sein, um ihre Zahlen von der Organisation zurückgezogen zu haben. (New York sei besser vorsichtig oder es werden nicht genug Nummern für seinen aktiven Dienstplan übrig sein.)

Diese Nachrichten haben uns zum Nachdenken gebracht: Was Tipbet sind die Chancen, dass andere Stars – Vergangenheit und Gegenwart – ihre Zahlen beiseite legen werden? Da niemand sonst das Thema angesprochen hat, liegt es wieder an uns!

Wir könnten einfach bei den Yankees bleiben, aber das wäre langweilig. Wir könnten einfach beim Baseball bleiben, aber das wäre faul. Stattdessen legen wir die Quoten für Spieler aus  allen wichtigen nordamerikanischen Sportarten fest: NFL, MLB, NBA und NHL.

Es war eine entmutigende Aufgabe, die wir übernommen haben – und eine, die keine feste Formel hat -, aber wenn wir uns eine Vielzahl von Statistiken und Team-Neigungen für ausscheidende Zahlen ansehen, haben wir uns ein paar Chancen einfallen lassen.

Da wir uns auf großartige Spieler aus jeder Sportart konzentriert haben, gibt es in der folgenden Liste viele Schuh-Ins (die zum einen nach Sport und zum anderen nach Likelihood organisiert sind). Aber zögern Sie nicht, einen oder zwei Namen in die Kommentare zu schreiben, und wir werden versuchen, einige Zahlen zu nennen.