DeFi-Bull-Run: That’s why Yearn-Finance (YFI) has just exploded by 140%

As of today, (YFI) was one of the worst performing cryptocurrencies in the past two months. YFI had fallen 80 percent from its all-time high due to a series of bad PR events coupled with massive short activity from major investors.

The shorting was evident due to the on-chain trends spotted by analysts in the room

Some users deposited large amounts of wrapped bitcoin or stablecoins as collateral with Aave, borrowed YFI and then sent these coins to centralized exchanges, presumably to sell them. This is a decentralized, low leverage short that allows investors with large amounts of stablecoins and Bitcoin Champion without the complications of futures on an asset that is falling.

Some large funds in this room joined in this effort, along with some larger whales that were not tied to any fund or public identity. With all of this going in the chain, many investors became aware of the shorts – similar to Zeus Capital.

The shorts “squeeze”

After investors had drawn attention to the YFI shorts opened by Aave, the members of the DeFi community formed a group whose name is a cheeky allusion to the products of, all of which are preceded by a “y”.

Members of the group that goes by the name ySqueeze include fund managers in the room and popular traders.

The idea with the group was to bring fans of YFI together to collectively liquidate those who had shorted the cryptocurrency. All eyes were on one short in particular, which should be liquidated as soon as began to recover on Thursday evening.

While it’s not clear what impact the group had on the YFI award, the squeeze came on Friday night in one of the fastest and most unexpected moves in the history of the room.

From the lows to the highs of the movement, YFI gained 140 percent – within 36 hours. At the height of the squeeze, the coin won $ 3,000 in 90 seconds … no kidding. The chart below doesn’t show that well as it just shows the price of the coin at the end of a candle – but you get what I’m talking about.