Explore Madeira: The Bitcoiner’s Ultimate Island Getaway

• Madeira is a Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean, 600 miles from Portugal’s coast.
• It’s a popular tourist destination with warm climate, rich cultural heritage and Instagram-worthy landscapes.
• The local economy is mainly supported by tourism, remittances sent in from abroad and limited exports of bananas, passionfruit, tea and wine.

What Is Madeira?

Madeira is a peaceful patch of land situated 600 miles off the coast of Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean. With its warm temperate climate, rich cultural heritage and Instagram-ready landscapes, it’s become a popular tourist destination for travelers seeking an escape from the Northern hemisphere winter. Low-cost airlines provide convenient connections to various European capital cities while there are also direct flights to New York City available.

Economy of Madeira

The local economy of Madeira is mainly supported by tourism, as well as some remittances sent in from abroad and limited exports of bananas, passionfruit, tea and wine. In order to diversify its tourism offering during low season months such as wintertime when fewer travelers visit the island, ecotourism initiatives have been set up as well as attempts to attract digital nomads who can work remotely on Madeira for extended periods of time.

Bitcoiners Visit Madeira

This summer saw a band of high profile Bitcoiners travel to the island in order to shoot a documentary about Bitcoin adoption on Madeira called “Orange Pill”. The documentary featured stunning drone shots and storytelling techniques that highlighted life on this tiny but beautiful island – giving viewers an insight into what it could mean for Bitcoiners who may be considering visiting or even relocating there permanently.

Why Visit Madeira?

Apart from its picturesque scenery and relatively mild year-round temperatures which make it attractive for tourists looking for sunnier climes than those back home, visitors will find that it’s an up-and-coming base for Bitcoiners too! Its close proximity (by air) to both Europe and North America means you can enjoy all that this unique place has to offer without having to travel too far away from major cities or airports.


Madeira offers plenty of opportunities for travelers looking for something different – not only does it feature stunning natural beauty but also boasts exciting prospects for cryptocurrency enthusiasts looking for somewhere new that supports their interests! With regular flights connecting this small Portuguese island with many destinations around the world plus its thriving tourism industry providing ample attractions – now might be the perfect time to explore what life on this little paradise has in store!